About iMEM
  Department of Library & Information Studies
About iMEM

iMEM (the Information Management and Electronic Multimedia research centre) is an initiative of the Department of Library and Information Studies at the ML Sultan Technikon, Durban, South Africa. The purpose of iMEM is to provide an infrastructure for research and development in ICT (Information and Communication Technology) capacity in South Africa. Several individual projects are already under way (see Projects).

Outline of primary objectives

  • To investigate international research and development in the area of on-line encyclopaedias and reference sources, bibliographic databases, electronic text centres, virtual libraries and hypertext webs.

  • To develop prototype resources, including digitisation of textual and graphic materials, information design and multimedia resource development.

  • To identify and pilot individual resource development, including community-based information kiosks, digital imaging (photographs and paintings of historical importance), salvaging and retro-digitising of previously marginalised books, journals and manuscripts, hypertext webs of culture-specific and author/artist specific materials, and learning materials (school and higher education).

  • To develop information literacy training programmes, for example in local libraries or telecentres.

  • To design and develop virtual classroom applications.

  • To build capacity in the following underpinning skills: information retrieval, digitisation and scanning, information management and design, multimedia, web authoring, database design and web-access software, bibliographic control, archival encoding (EAD, XML/SGML, TEI), web publishing and e-journal design.