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History of Beads

This is actually the best research center for beads. Features researching beads and ancient beads. The center for  bead research is an international institution for the study of beads of all places and periods. extensive site : for all students to use.

The wire wizard is a very informative site giving researchers variety of  information about beads, bead jewelry, and special tools for jewelry making.

Features galleries, history and more.  

Bead Galleries

Traditional and contemporary bead art. Galleries of new works and new patterns. A great site for fashion and textile students to check out for galleries of patterns and other beaded goodies.

Gallery of work by Julia S. Pretl, including collars, sculptures, bags, and amulets.

Selection of find beadwork from amulet bags to sculpture pieces, bead patterns, plus Mom's Gallery of crocket, knitting and bead patterns. 

Shopping for beads

Get all the different types of beads you need online from the bead shop.

Get your different beads, description, pictures and prices. One is expected to get the best bead buys. students check this out for the different types of  beads as well.

Here is another site to go  shopping for beads and not only do you get a list of beads to buy but other information e.g. beading tips, patterns. 

Types of Beads and what can be made from beads

A collection, which excites, entices and stimulates the minds of the novice beader, the designer and savvy collection.

Manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of bead pouches,  costume jewelry, hair accessories, bangles, bracelets, handicraft, candle holders and other beaded gift items. a great site for fashion students to browse.

Shows what can be made of traditional Zulu beads. just a must for all students. Beautiful paintings, carvings, and other crafts.

This is the world's largest selection of beads. billions of beads. Visit  this site also for bead books, stringing, material and antique beads.