Lucy Naidoo

Information Retrieval / Information Management - Project Development

I am currently employed at Engen Petroleum Ltd. Engen Petroleum Ltd is based on Tara Road, Bluff. At Engen we have a Main Technical Library embodying the Maintenance Library and Main Archive. I manage the Maintenance Library. This includes providing a service for the Maintenance Department Personnel. The normal day-to-day operations include accessioning, data capturing, maintaining the database, setting up satellite libraries for other departments, archiving, filing, Inter-Library Loans (University of Natal), attending to requests for information internally and externally (for example. Via the Internet), maintaining standards collection, circulation control as well as doing work for the Main Library in the afternoons.

The Main Library functions include Journal Circulation and Maintenance, Business Information Snippets as well relieving the Librarian when she is on leave.

We have currently using Microsoft Access 97, the library database was designed by our Librarian, assisted by Uptime. Our Library page is also on the Refinery Intranet accessible to all our employees. Most of our collection is highly confidential and because of political and competitive reasons, we cannot add our services or our database to our current Corporate Web Page on the Internet. ( read more about Engen Petroleum Ltd, Services and what the group is involved in.

This Practical course will be most useful for me, maybe some day when we by-pass all the political issues, I would have some knowledge in designing this Library Web Page for Engen Petroleum Refinery.

My ultimate goal however is to expose myself on Library Software and with my experience on setting up satellite libraries and archiving, I would to like to get involved in consulting for corporate companies that want libraries to be set up. This is however is going to be a long road because I have so much to learn and there is so much of competition now regarding software and technologies.

2 August 2000

Topic for Web Page Design and Database

I work part-time as a representative for Avon Products. Avon sells cosmetic products. There is a web page on the Internet but I would like to create one for myself, a Representative Page.

The Database will consist of data such as customer details, numbers, addresses, place of work, skin types, birthdays, etc.

Title: LBN - AVON Representative Page (Durban)

(temporary topic will promote a more interesting topic at a later stage probably something title -VANITY)