Pamela Sankaran

Work Activities:

Accessioning, cataloguing and processing of existing collection of books for the Durban Metropolitan's Department of Economic Development. They have adopted an In-house classification system which they would prefer to maintain for their retrieval purposes. They have jointly purchased a URICA cataloguing module with 5 other departments of the Durban Metro Council. The other departments are classifying their collection using the Dewey system, except for the Department of Housing and Department of Economic Development, which I am currently working on. I have realized that the URICA call no. information retrieval option does not allow for alphabetic searches, only numeric. This limits their search options and means that the data entry has to be modified when cataloguing to accommodate their system. This also causes a break in the uniformity of the joint catalogue of the departments. Which would have otherwise been able to easily locate and search each others' collections, and also facilitate inter-lending. The Department of Housing has been made aware of the problem and have requested that the problem be solved. But I assume that it would cost a lot of time and money to solve that URICA issue, I do not myself fully understand their reasoning for strictly the numeric search. The Urban strategy Department wants them to use DDC to allow for standardisation, and facilitate merging of the collection if the need arises.

Possible Future Developments:

The converting of the Economic Development and Housing in-house classification systems to URICA. Possibly purchasing a circulation module of URICA if use of collection increases. Putting the database on the Web. Looking into making the call no. Urica search option adaptable to in-house call no. systems.

Title of Web page: Durban Metro, Economic Development Library Disaster Management Plan

The web page will contain: 1. An overview of the Economic Development Library collection, and need for a Disaster Management Plan

A summary of what to do in the event of an emergency

Key people to contact in the event of an emergency, contact information.

Disaster recovery of what to do with various material affected, according to type of damage and type of material.

The database will contain: 1. list of information sources with advice on disaster management programmes at various libraries, bibliographic and online.