Checklist for evaluation of research

Make a print-out of the this form and complete one evaluation form for each journal article reviewed in the "Review of the Literature" section of your proposal.

A. Bibliographic reference: Author, year of publication, article title, journal title, volume and issue no., pages. 

(e.g. Shen, H-W. and Yu, Y-H. 1997. Social and economic factors in the spread of the NIMBY syndrome against waste disposal sites in Taiwan. Journal of Environmental Planning & Management. Vol. 40, No. 2: 273-282.)

B. Place a check mark in the appropriate column after carefully inspecting the research report to see if it contains the item designated.

Factor Yes No Comment
1. Is the central problem of the research clearly stated?      
2. Are the subproblems clearly stated?      
3. Does the research show evidence of planning and organisation?      
4. Has the researcher stated his/her hypotheses?      
5. Are the hypotheses related to the principal problem or the subproblems in the research?      
6. Is the research methodology which has been employed clearly stated?      
7. Did the researcher interpret the data, i.e. tell what the facts mean?      
8. Are the conclusions which the researcher presents justified by the facts presented?      
9. Is there any indication whether the hypotheses are supported or rejected?      
10. Is there any reference to or discussion of related literature or studies by other researchers?      
Number of tick marks in each column (enter here) -- >      
Multiply the total column 1 by 10 x 10    
Total Score out of 100 (Column 1 only)