Proposal Layout

Proposal Title

1. The problem and its setting

1.1. The statement of the problem

1.2. The statement of the sub-problems

1.3. The hypothesis

1.4. The delimitations

1.5. The assumptions

1.6. The importance of the study

2. The review of the related literature

3. The data, their treatment and their interpretation

3.1. The data

3.1.1. Primary data

3.1.2. Secondary data

3.2. The criteria governing the admissibility of the data

3.3. The research methodology

3.4. The specific treatment of each sub-problem

3.4.1. Sub-problem 1 Data needed Where the data are located How the data will be secured How the data will be treated and interpreted

4. The qualifications of the researcher (and staff)

5. Outline of the proposed study

6. List of references