Knowledge Management Workshop, Simunye, August 2002
Department of Library & Information Studies
About iMEM
A Knowledge Management workshop was held at Simunye, KwaZulu-Natal at the end of August 2002 to promote links amongst three South African institutions: Durban Institute of Technology, University of Cape Town and the Rand Afrikaans University. The Links initiative was funded by the DoE/EU Higher Education Libraries Programme.

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Front (L to R) - Naresh Sentoo, Adeline du Toit, Thandeka Mkhize, Maned Mhlongo, Mary 
Back (L to R) - Graham Stewart, Serena Brink, Charles Masango, Wendy Gordon, Colin Darch, 
Gretchen Smith, Portia Rakoma,
Peter Underwood, Karin de Jager,  Mbulelo Tundzi.
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